AzizA has been studying oriental belly dance since 1989 very intensely. In addition to the oriental dance she has experience with many different types of dance. Her dance career started at 3 years in the local dance school. Since 1995 she teachines oriental dancing both at continuous classes and at numerous workshops and performs in Denmark and among other contries in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Tunisia, USA and Turkey.

Since 1994 she organizes the ORIENTAL DANCE FESTIVAL Denmark every year in March.  About 250 Dancers from all of Denmark and 20-30 foreign dancers perform at the show and around 1200 spectators visit the event. The event features a great show of 4 hours duration presenting a great varaity of performers and styles.

In her daily life she is an airliner captain and a flight instructor. Many are astonished because of the large gap between her professionel life and her art. However, to her, this combination is ideal. It provides the opportunity to live out various sides of her personality – the firm, concrete and masculine side in her profession – and the artistic, creative, feminine side in her art. AzizA's sign of the zodiac is Gemini…

                                                                                         Photos from dance shows can be found in the gallery